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Failures and Solutions I

No displaying on the entire LED display (all black)

led display1.jpg

1. NO AC power input

SolutionCheck the power supply, turn on the swift of power distributor, the power indicator should be on


2. PC is not started up

SolutionStart up the PC, open the LED studio software.


3. Signal cable break down(internet cable)

Solution: Check the signal cable, Reconnect it until the green indicator twinkling as normal.


4. Controlling System break down(sending card)

Solution: Check if the sending card is working normal (green indicator twinkling, red indicator keep lighting). If the green indicator is off or keeps lighting, it means there is no signal (if the indicator is off, it maybe also because its power is off). Sending card will very seldom break down. If it truly breaks off, please change the sending card.


5. Receiving card is not power on

Solution: Check the receiving card ipput voltage DC5V, check if the first receiving card is working normal.


6. DVI card is not power on

Solution: Power off the computer and reconnect the DVI cable.


7. DVI card setting mistake

Solution: Setting up the LED studio software and reconnect the signal cable according to the controlling system operation steps (see the controlling system)

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