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LED display connection sketch map:

1. Preparation of Installation Tools

①M10x60MM Screw
②M10x20MM Screw
③M10 Hexagon Wrench
④110x50MM connecting piece
⑤110x110MM connecting piece
⑥Z type connecting piece

2. Cabinets’ Connection and Fixation

Notes: pay attention to keeping the assembling in the same level when assembling the first row cabinets, otherwise, the more stacked up, the lager gap. After putting the first cabinets on the steel structure, please screw up the installation iron sheet (i.e.installation borads) and 40﹟ steel structure with corresponding screws but not be too tight in order to adjust the level line. When confirm all the cabinets are in the same level, you can tighten them.

                                 The Z board connection on the sides

                                 The flat board connection in the module

                                    The flat board connection on the bottom

                                              The full view after installation

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